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"Now is the time to commit to a truly secure and sustainable energy future – a future built on clean technologies, economic development and the creation of millions of new jobs"

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Energy is one of the essential requirements for human survival and growth. The extraction, conversion and utilization of fossil fuels, especially during the last century, have led to serious environmental degradation. Moreover, these fossil fuels are expected to last for a limited period and their prices witness disproportionate increases, especially in view of the large increase in demand due to growing population and the requirement of improved quality of life of the people. Therefore, global interest grew to develop alternative energy sources.


27-29th June, Entrepreneurship Development Program, Noida
Well thought & Planned workshop, good learning experience for a person who does not know anything and wants to start a solar venture.
All thanks to your trainer, as he was amazing, a very helpful and perfect teacher to learn from. Thank you Sir.
Shaheen Shams